Tips For Thanksgiving Travel During Pandemic

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Plan Your Thanksgiving Travel

The day and time you get on the road with your family make a big difference in determining how long it will take you to get from Point A to Point B.

Avoid the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at all costs — especially the afternoon. Travel on that day is characterized by aggregated traffic. If you’re an early bird, leaving at 6 a.m. on Turkey Day should help you avoid major delays. As for the return trip, avoid Friday and Sunday afternoons if possible. You can expect much smoother driving on local roads Friday morning, known as Black Friday.

Toll Road Tips

Sign up for a toll tag if you have not already done so. You could be in for a surprise when you reach into your cupholder for change... Keep in mind that many toll roads have gone cashless. And without participation in E-ZPass, expect long lines in designated lanes. Often times if you are driving thru exact change lanes and don’t have small bills or change, then you could face a ticket or fine.  Plan appropriately by checking the guide from Tollsmart

Hope For Good Weather and Still Plan For Snow

Before an extended Thanksgiving road trip, better be prepared for dealing with snow and ice on the way to your destination. Winterizing your car could mean: checking the condition of your wiper blades, tires, and battery; topping off fluid levels, and ensuring you always have enough gas. Make sure you have an ice scraper and pack an emergency kit: jumper cables, shovel, a bag of sand, a flashlight, food, water, and just in case, road flares, too.

Pack lunch and snacks instead of having to stop at shops and restaurants along the way, to avoid crowds. It's a good idea to keep a bottle of sanitizer in the car. Thanksgiving may look a little different, but better be prepared than sorry.

 Inga Modu-Rella

November 15, 2020