Colonial Home Style

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So you decided to buy a colonials style home. What are the typical features?

The Colonial house style and layout refer to a traditional architectural style that emerged in America during the colonial period, typically from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Colonial houses were built by European colonizers who brought with them architectural styles from their home countries. Over time, these styles blended with local building traditions to create a distinct style of architecture that reflected the practical needs of the colonists.

One of the defining characteristics of Colonial houses is their symmetry. They typically feature a central entrance with evenly spaced windows on either side. The layout of these houses is also usually symmetrical, with rooms arranged in a linear or rectangular pattern. Many Colonial houses have a center hall layout, with a formal living room and dining room on either side of the central hall and bedrooms on the upper level.

Colonial houses are often constructed of brick or wood and feature simple, elegant details such as shutters and moldings. The roofline is typically steeply pitched, with gables on either end. The front door is often framed by a decorative portico or pediment.

There are several subtypes of Colonial houses, including the Georgian, Federal, and Greek Revival styles. Each of these styles has its own unique features and characteristics, but all share the basic principles of symmetry, simplicity, and elegance.

Overall, the Colonial house style and layout remain popular today, with many homeowners seeking to recreate the classic look and feel of these historic homes in modern construction.